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Beer Taps Our brewery is a wonderful place to come and have great, gourmet beer. We offer a variety of gourmet beers on tap, including our specialty Kong Kolsch, Guard Dog Porter, and more.

Marley's also offers a wide selection of fine wines, Pinot Grigio and Merlot, to name a few. Look through our selection below.

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Brewing Process

#1 Milling

We use malted barley from the US, England, Germany, & Belgium which we add to the mill. This cracks the husk of the Barley, allowing us access to the starches which will be converted into a simpler sugar, maltose.

#2 Brewing Water Preparation

We heat filtered water to approximately 190° Fahrenheit for the Mashing In process. We also use this water or Hot Liquor for sparging and sterilization of the brewing pipes and hoses.

#3 Mashing

We take our milled barley, Grist, and mix it with hot water ranging from 148-172° Fahrenheit. This allows for an enzymatic reaction which converts complex starches into a simpler sugar, Maltose. The maltose dissolves into the water creating a liquid, Wort, which is transferred to the Brew Kettle.

#4 Brewing

The Wort is heated up to a boiling temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit and allowed to boil for at least 90 minutes.

During this process Hops are added at different intervals to provide bitterness, flavor, and aroma.

#5 Cooling

The hot Wort is then passed through a heat exchanger which cools the liquid down to an optimal Fermentation temperature.

While passing through the heat exchanger, oxygen is diffused into the Wort to promote yeast growth.

#6 Fermentation

In the Fermentation Vessel, yeast is added to the Wort, turning it into Beer. The yeast converts sugar into Alcohol, CO2, and heat. Depending on the type of beer being brewed, the appropriate Ale or Lager yeast strain is added and fermented at the appropriate temperature. This process lasts for approximately 14-21 days.

#7 Conditioning

Once the beer has completed fermentation, it is then transferred into a Conditioning Vessel. In this vessel the be is carbonated and prepped for serving at the bar.

#8 Tapping

The now completed beer is tapped directly of the conditioning vessel, or off of kegs and served at an optimal temperature for all to enjoy!!!

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